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Mark Swarbrick, Online Computer Repair and Online Virus Removal  Specialist

"After 20 + years in the corporate computer world I left my cubicle to work from home. Low overhead means I can work CHEAP and SAVE YOU MONEY!"

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How To Choose The Right PC Repair Company

  1. Better Business Bureau Member? Look for the BBB Logo. Better Business Bureau members make an extra effort to please their customers. They pay to be a member and they only keep a good BBB rating by insuring they have ethical practices and happy customers. If they are not a member of the BBB you should wonder why not.
  2. Pay After Fixed? Do they let you pay after the problem is fixed or do they make you pay up front?  If they don’t trust you, why should you trust them?
  3. Technician Name & Credentials Published? Does the website tell you who is going to be fixing your PC? Is the name, credentials and experience of the technician posted on the website, or are you left wondering if they will farm the job out to someone in India?
  4. Flat-Rate Fees? Do they offer a reasonable flat-rate fee? Beware of cut-rate fees below $50.00. Quality work takes time and requires an appropriate charge. If they are willing to work for peanuts you should ask yourself why. Remember the old adage: “you get what you pay for.” You don’t want a novice working on your PC.
  5. Clear English? Do they speak good clear English? Are they based in the USA? Will they tell you their address? This is very important as you may be on the phone with them for a while. If they have a heavy foreign accent and English is their second language, you may be in for a frustrating experience.
  6. Converse with Your Technician Before Paying? Can you call and talk directly to the person who will be working on your PC before you pay? If not, you should wonder why. How will you know your technician can communicate clearly to you if you can’t speak to them before paying?
  7. Always The Same Technician? Will you get the same technician everytime you call, or will have to start over with someone new each time?
  8. Detailed Record Keeping? Do they keep a detailed repair record of everything done on your PC so that future asisstance will be informed and consistent?
  9. Experienced & Competent Business Owner? Will the technician be a young carefree employee fresh out of school or will he be the owner of the business with decades of experience?
  10. Your Call Routed Directly to Technician? When you call, will you always have to talk to a receptionist first before you can talk to someone knowledgable, or will your call be answered directly by the technician who will work on your PC?

Hi, I’m Mark Swarbrick, the business owner who would work on your PC. I can answer yes to all ten of these questions. I have an AAA+ Rating with the Better Business Bureau. For the past 20 years I’ve been making my living full-time at computer service and repair. My resume is on this website for all to see. Give me a call and let’s talk about your PC. I can provide quality expertise for your PC. My goal is not a one-time quick-fix, but to make you a satisfied life-time customer.

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