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Mark Swarbrick, Online Computer Repair and Online Virus Removal  Specialist

"After 20 + years in the corporate computer world I left my cubicle to work from home. Low overhead means I can work CHEAP and SAVE YOU MONEY!"


Novell Certified Network Engineer

MICROSOFT EDUCATION CERTIFICATE: Internet working with Microsoft TCP/IP on Windows NT

Previous Employers:

IBM Global Services
Wells Fargo Bank
American Express
AZ Dept. of Env. Quality
U.S. Dept. of Commerce
AZ Attorney General's Office
Bank One
Cigna Healthcare

Welcome to Mark’s Security Center

Security Information

When I was contracted by Wells Fargo Bank to review and secure the bank’s computer networks against hacker attacks I was amazed at the number of attacks against the bank’s firewalls. Again, when I performed an Internet Security Audit on ADEQ’s network system (Arizona Department of Environmental Quality) and again when I was part of the Internet Security team at Honeywell, I saw on a daily basis that hackers are persistent, knowledgeable and determined to hack into any computer that is not properly defended.

Home PCs as well as business computers are under contant threat from hackers and viruses. Many viruses, such as spyware, do not make themselves evident, but hide in the background, recording your keystrokes, passwords, social security and bank card numbers and other personal information, and then transmits that personal information over the Internet to a criminal on the other side of the world. That could be going in your computer right now.

So how do you protect yourself from the tens of thousands of viruses, worms, Trojans and spyware-bots that are circulating? What you need is a knowledgeable expert to certify that your computer is clean, then harden that machine against attack by making proper operating system adjustments, and then have him install an industrial-strength protection suite that guards against both viruses and spyware.

For that job you need the best of the best. That would be me. I’m not bragging. I’m applying for a job. I want to be your computer guy. Please read on and find out how I can help protect you against spyware hackers and identity thieves who are not just out to ruin your computer, they want to ruin your life!

Security Solutions

Four Steps to PC & Data Protection...

Step One – Make Sure Your Computer is Clean

Hands-on Malware Deep-Scan to Determine PC is Clean..................$ 59.99

Step Two –Make Sure it Stays Clean - Select a Protection Option Below

Available Options:

  1. Kaspersky Internet Security 2012 - Installed Price…............................................$ 90.00
    ($60.00 if self installed. $60.00 Annual Renewal Fee)
  2. Kaspersky is the best AntiVirus package I have ever tested. It is made in Russia so you may not have heard of it. Nevertheless, it has won a number of top awards and my testing shows it provides excellent protection with minimal impact to your operating system. It provides "active" protection, meaning that it scans files as they are used for downloaded to insure they are safe.

    Kaspersky Awards…

    1. Best Choice by the Institute for Information Industry
    2. Advanced Plus rating from the highly respected Australian Test Lab – AV-Comparatives
    3. Voted Best Antivirus Solution by readers of PC.COM
    4. Achieved First Place against 9 top competitors in French test by I’Ordinarteur Indviduel.
    5. PC Achat Product of the Year Award.
    6. AV-Comparatives “Advanced Plus rating having “demonstrated minimal system impact.

  3. SOS Protect AntiSpyware PC Hardening Suite 8.0 - Installed Price…………………$ 60.00
    ($60.00 Annual Renewal Fee)
  4. For extra security, you can add the SOS Protect Package which provides "passive" protection, meaning that it hardens or immunizes your PC against attack, making it more difficult for infections to take root in the operating system. Passive protection, since it has no impact on PC performance, can be used in conjunction with an active protection such as Kaspesky. SOS Protect includes a compilation of a number of the best open-source AntiSpyware / AntiMalware scanners available on the Internet.

Step Three – Back It Up!

  1. External USB Drive with Automatic Backup Software………………..................….....$ 259.99
    (Outlook & Outlook Express Backup Software & Configuration Included)
  2. Yes, you need it, here is why: Do you have stuff on your computer you can't afford to loose? Then you need a backup system. No matter what antvirus protection you have, there is always some risk of a virus wiping out your data. Additionally, hard disk or other component failure in your PC can make your data files dissapear forever in an instant. Remember - all hard drives have moving parts, so its not a matter of if they fail, its a matter of when. A good backup system is one that will run automatically AND will provide backup of your email databases as well. If you do business on your PC, if you can't afford to loose ALL your email and contacts, in short, if you don't want to loose all your data someday, then you must plan to get a backup system in place today.

    Avoid the risk inherent in offsite backup: The most reliable type of backup system is onsite backup, as opposed to offsite. Offsite backup systems, such as Carbonite or Mozy can be unreliable. I have had customers bemoan the fact that they thought their data was saved offsite, but when they needed it urgently, found out to their dismay that their data was not backed up. The External USB Drive I sell is onsite backup, allowing you to see and verify that your data is safely backed up on your external hard drive.

    Let me set it up for you: Do you know where your data is? Do you know how to backup your documents, photos and favorites? What about your email or accounting file databases - do you know where those are? If you purchase the external drive backup solution from me, I set up the backup software for you so that it backs up all these important items for you. I set it up to run automatically and I show you how to check it so you can see your data is backed up.

    SOS OnGuard Backup Pro Backup Software……………..........................................$ 39.99

    If you already have an external USB drive, or if you want to just run down to your local store and buy one yourself, then this is the package for you. The SOS Backup Pro installation program is only $29.99 and provides 4 programs that help you locate your important data and insures that the right stuff is backed up, such as:

    1. Outlook Email PST Files
    2. Outlook Express Email
    3. All Data - Documents, Favorites, Music, etc.
    4. Drivers - essential to have if you ever have to re-install!

    Call now and get setup with a proper backup system. Don't be caught off guard. Get SOS OnGaurd Backup Pro now!

Step Four – Keep it Maintained in Tip Top Shape!

PC Maintenance Details: Make it Faster with Increased Stability - Only $59.99

Is your PC not as fast as it once was? A thorough PC Tune-up can Help! Here is what a PC Tune-up covers…

1. Scan and Clean Registry Errors
2. Defrag and Compact Registry
3. Optimize Services for Max Performance
4. Run PC-DeCrapifier and remove Unwanted Junk Crapware Programs
5. Delete Temp files.
6. Resent Internet Explorer to Factory Default Settings.
7. Delete Prefetch Files
8. Your hard disk will be analyzed to see if it is fragmented.
9. Your hard disk will be defragmented if it is needed.
10. Malware scan and clean.
11. Check SOS Protect logs (if installed) to check for proper operation.
12. Analyze hard disk space.
13. Check Startup Items and Cleanup as Necessary
14. Make recommendations concerning virus protection and backup.
15. Check System Restore & Manually Create a Restore Point.
16. On-Screen Report Listing Work Performed and Problems Found
17. Answer any questions you may have.

What’s better than a one time tune-up for $59.99? I’ll tell you. A tune-up every month for $29.99 is the best deal!

Monthly Maintenance & Tune-up…….....$ 29.99/Month
(1 Year Commitment Required – paid monthly)

Get My Expertise Tuning Up & Maintaining Your PC For Half Price! Every one of my customers that has signed up for this have been very glad they did. Their PC gets my expert hands on magic touch every month. You don't have to do a thing. Every month I remote in and stay on top of all maintenance issues. Your PC maintenance can be done while you watch, with you involved, or handled while you’re off at work or sleeping. It’s totally up to you. You can be as involved or as uninvolved as you choose. That’s why you should call so we can set this up in accordance with your preferences. Either way you will be able to keep your PC in tip-tip shape and you will get a report every month describing the conditions found and corrected on your PC. Call now! I look forward to hearing from you!

Monthly Maintenance & Tune-up…………………………..................................….$  29.99/Month
I remote to your PC monthly, check for malware & perform tune-up and
maintenance procedures.

Questions? Call Mark at: 480-430-7780

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