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Novell Certified Network Engineer

MICROSOFT EDUCATION CERTIFICATE: Internet working with Microsoft TCP/IP on Windows NT

Previous Employers:

IBM Global Services
Wells Fargo Bank
American Express
AZ Dept. of Env. Quality
U.S. Dept. of Commerce
AZ Attorney General's Office
Bank One
Cigna Healthcare

SOS Protect Version 7.0
Professional Anti-Spyware Protection 

Spyware – More Dangerous Than Viruses

IT administrators are aware that the main threat today is not viruses, but an insidious infection known as Spyware or Malware. Spyware is similar to a virus but instead of attempting to do damage to your PC, spyware hides in your system and attempts to collect private information about you and your clients for the purpose of identity theft. The most insidious spyware bugs are written by hackers in Russia, China, or Islamic countries hostile to the United States. A malicious spyware bug can steal credit card numbers, social security numbers, names, addresses, phone numbers and any other personal information useful to identity thieves. While a virus can ruin your computer, spyware can ruin your life! The Spyware hacker’s prime targets are the records of medical facilities, accounting firms, financial institutions, banks or any other businesses which are likely to have a large database of customer information.

Most PCs are protected by an antivirus program, but nine out of ten of those PCs are infected with spyware! Some PCs come with spyware preinstalled. A couple visits to the internet will allow spyware to jump into the PC through the browser. Spyware Infection is common and prevalent and simple antivirus software will not protect a PC.  Unless a PC has special Antispyware software running, it is certain to become infected.

One Free Program Is Not Enough

Although there are some excellent antispyware programs available on the Internet, downloading one free spyware scanner from the Internet is not a valid solution. Currently there are 762 anti-spyware programs for sale. Some will slow your computer down. Most of them are not adequate. Many of them are actually spyware themselves. Some spywares will infect your machine with a notice that says: "This Machine Is Infected with Spyware." Then they will offer to sell you an anti-spyware program that does nothing more than remove the notice that they put there in the first place!  Even if you have one of the reputable programs, just one spyware scanner is not enough. It takes several scans from a number of the leading anti-spyware programs to find all the various forms spyware.

SOS Protect Version 7 – Why it is the Best Solution

Swarbrick Software has dedicated their resources to ascertaining the best solutions for protecting our clients. After much research and testing we are confident that our product, SOS Protect, is the best protection available for protecting against both spyware and viruses. 

SOS Protect comes with eight of the best open source spyware scanners available. We have chosen only those scanners which play well together and will not adversely affect the performance of your computer. Also included are three programs that immunize, or harden, your PC against spyware attack. Best of all and most importantly, built into SOS Protect is a feature called “SOS AutoController” which automatically updates and immunizes the PC daily, and also runs scans every night on the PC. Included are ALL the tools needed to effectively deal with spyware and viruses Also included is a powerful process killer, a program that automatically stops unnecessary running processes, a program start-up database & editor, a bullet proof browser, a security Analyzer, an outbound software firewall, and a utility for repairing broken networking. Also included are custom scripts and system adjustments that are designed to harden machines against attack. SOS Protect Professional Antispyware Suite Version 7.0 is sold with an annual license. SOS Protect will be updated and enhanced throughout the year and licensed owners will receive program updates and version upgrades free of charge as they are released. 

A Virus Can Ruin Your PC,
but Spyware Can Ruin Your life!

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