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Mark Swarbrick, Online Computer Repair and Online Virus Removal  Specialist

"After 20 + years in the corporate computer world I left my cubicle to work from home. Low overhead means I can work CHEAP and SAVE YOU MONEY!"


Novell Certified Network Engineer

MICROSOFT EDUCATION CERTIFICATE: Internet working with Microsoft TCP/IP on Windows NT

Previous Employers:

IBM Global Services
Wells Fargo Bank
American Express
AZ Dept. of Env. Quality
U.S. Dept. of Commerce
AZ Attorney General's Office
Bank One
Cigna Healthcare

Monthly PC Check-up Service

12 Point Disaster Prevention Program!
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Have you ever neglected regular maintenance on your car, say for example, skipped an oil change or two, or three, and then you had that nagging feeling that you might pay for that neglect in a big way later on with some serious engine damage? I have to confess: Been there, done that! My old Chevy pickup is still sitting in the yard waiting for a new engine!

Most people don’t realize that a computer also needs some regular maintenance in order to avoid costly and aggravating disaster. But many people running a home business are just too busy taking care of business to take care of their computer. Then disaster strikes and business comes to a screeching halt while trying to bring the @#!$#!@ computer back to life! Again, been there, done that. I think we’ve all been there. That’s why I force myself to set aside some to time to perform maintenance on my PCs so I won’t have to deal with an unexpected disaster.

Three Problems Leading to Disaster, or...
Why People Don’t Take Care of Their PC…

  1. They don’t realize the importance of PC maintenance and the bad things that can happen if it is neglected.
  2. They don’t know all the specific things that should be done on a regular basis on a PC to keep it humming along.
  3. They don’t want to take the time to deal with it. They are too busy.
  4. It has to be done frequently – at least once a month. After a PC is tuned up its fast performance will decrease with daily use. After 30 days of use its time to do it all over again.

Make These Problems Disappear with My PC Maintenance Plan! Just $29.99 a month and I will connect remotely to your PC monthly and give it a thorough check-over and tune-up! Call now for a consultation to schedule your monthly service. 480-430-7780

What Can Go Wrong Without Maintenance?

Why put up with a computer that’s running slower every day? What problems are lurking in your PC right now? Below are just some of the things that can go wrong if you don’t safeguard your PC with proper maintenance.


The major danger to PCs is getting infections known as spyware. These are like viruses, but instead of trying to destroy your computer they mess with your life. These little pests hide in your PC and report back to a third party your browsing habits, email address, name, SS number, credit card numbers, whatever they can gather. You get one or two of these and your PC will work just fine. The hacker doesn’t want to blow up your PC, he just wants to spy on you and use your information to get money, by hook or by crook! Typically a computer will get infected with hundreds of these little bugs and bring your computer’s performance to a crawl. A regular spyware scan is a must. Don’t count on your antivirus software to protect you. You need special antispyware software. If you have that you must also monitor that software to make sure it is automatically updating and scanning.

Hard Disk Fragmentation

As a computer is used the files on the hard disk get scattered around to different parts of the disk. The heads of the disk have to travel farther and work harder and move back and forth more often in order to load up applications or read and write data. This slows down the PC considerably. Defrag software should be run on the hard disk on a regular basis in order to insure hard disk longevity and keep the PC running at optimal speed.

System Restore Points

XP, Vista, and Windows 7 all have a wonderful protection system built in called System Restore. It allows you to restore your key operating system files back to an original condition as per a chosen date. This is the most commonly used method of repairing an infected or damaged operating system. But if you have no system restore points, a five-minute fix may become a 4 hour job. Why wouldn’t you have any restore points? Because the System Restore functions are often attacked by spyware and viruses first, making it impossible for you to be able to remove the infection with System Restore. For that reason it is important to insure that your PC is creating restore points on a daily basis. As part of a good maintenance schedule a manual restore point should be created to make sure that System Restore functions are operating correctly.

Hard Disk Space

Did you know that if your hard drive is almost full your PC will slow down? Did you also know that if your hard drive is completely full that your PC will still work, but only until you turn it off? Then it will refuse to boot up when you turn it on. Hard disk usage is something to keep an eye on.

Temporary Files

Deleting these files makes your PC faster. Also the temporary file folder is often a place where tracking cookies and other malware may collect. Always a good idea to delete these files periodically.

Unnecessary Items in Startup

Most PCs have way to much stuff set to start with the computer. This slows down the boot up process, slows down the computer’s operation, and can cause conflicts with other software. Items in startup need to be examined and only necessary items set to run on startup. When new software is installed this startup list often gets modified with unnecessary applets set to run on startup. This needs to be checked regularly.

These are just some of the things that need to be included in a good PC tune-up. But even if you know these things and know how to do them, if you are like most people, you don’t want to take the time to do them. And that’s where I come in. I know what to do, how to do it and will perform these important tasks for you every month!

What Problems Are Lurking Inside Your PC?
Get Hands-on Help Every Month!
$29.00 Call Now! 480-430-7780

What You Get…

I remotely connect to your PC once a month to perform a PC Check-up. Maintenance performed is as follows.

  1. Delete Temp files.
  2. Delete Prefetch Files
  3. Your hard disk will be analyzed to see if it is fragmented.
  4. Your hard disk will be defragmented if it is needed.
  5. A System Restore Point will be created.
  6. Spyware scan and clean.
  7. Check SOS Protect logs (if installed) to check for proper operation.
  8. Analyze hard disk space.
  9. Check Startup Items and Cleanup as Necessary.