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Mark Swarbrick, Online Computer Repair and Online Virus Removal  Specialist

"After 20 + years in the corporate computer world I left my cubicle to work from home. Low overhead means I can work CHEAP and SAVE YOU MONEY!"

 Swarbrick Software, Inc. BBB Business Review


Novell Certified Network Engineer

MICROSOFT EDUCATION CERTIFICATE: Internet working with Microsoft TCP/IP on Windows NT

Microsoft Certified

Previous Employers:

IBM Global Services
Wells Fargo Bank
American Express
AZ Dept. of Env. Quality
U.S. Dept. of Commerce
AZ Attorney General's Office
Bank One
Cigna Healthcare

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Since you are an existing customer, you do not have to do anything. Mark already has a record of you and connection software is already on your computer. Just call or text Mark and let him know you need assistance.

Mark's Cell Phone: 480-430-7780

Note: Pay After Fix is applicable to first time new customers only. Mark will discuss pricing and take you credit card or Paypal payment before repairs begin.

Business Hours: I'm often asked what my hours are. After decades of punching a time clock in the corporate word I can finally set my own hours. Here they are: You may call or text me anytime day or night. I usually answer anytime I am awake, unless it is a Sunday. If I don't answer please leave a message, as I may just be on the other line and I will call you back. Sometimes I can answer a text faster than responding to a voicemail. I typically begin work at 10 AM Arizona time, but sometimes I start earlier and sometimes later. I try to stop working by 6 PM, but sometimes I work as late as midnight. Some days or afternoons, I am not here at all and lately I've been here just about all the time, except when I'm someplace else, but I should be here then too. But you can still always call and I will answer, unless I don't.



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