Remote Online Computer Repair

No Credit Card Needed Until AFTER Repairs Are Completed To
Your Satisfaction! Others Make You Pay Up Front and

Then You Have To Ask For a Refund and Wait For It.

Not So With Us! No Fix - No Pay!

Online Virus Removal
Pay After Fixed!

$59.99 Flat-Fee!


Online Virus Repair
Remote Repair Via Internet

Gets It Fixed Now!

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     Microsoft Certified * Novell Certified Network Engineer       20+ Years Fulltime Experience


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    Your PC Fixed NOW Remotely for Only $59.99         by a Seasoned Expert & Business Owner
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I connect remotely to your PC over the Internet and perform repair of the problem you specify. You can watch everything being done while we talk on the phone. It’s just like I am right there with you! You pay online with credit card after it’s fixed to your satisfaction. If you cannot get online or booted up, call me. Chances are I can step you through a procedure that will get you booted up and online. Online Repair is fast and easy, saving you the hassle of taking your computer anywhere! Neither do you have to wait for a stranger to come into your home -- Get if fixed RIGHT NOW!

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Online Virus Removal


1. I’m 54 years old and have been working on computers since I was 27.

2. I've worked FULL-TIME in the computer service industry for 20+ years.

3. I have been employed as computer support at such companies as: IBM, Honeywell, Bank One, American Express, Arizona Dept. of
Environmental Quality, U.S. Dept. of Commerce, Wells Fargo Bank, and AT&T.

4. Certifications: Certified Novell Network Engineer & Microsoft Certified.

5. I have left the corporate cubicle to work from home – low overhead means I can work CHEAP and SAVE YOU MONEY!  Call now for Online Computer Repair!

6. I can fix it NOW Remotely. I connect remotely over the Internet to your PC. No taking your computer anywhere, no strangers in your home. Remote Online Computer repair is the fast safe and sensible way to have your computer serviced.

7. $59.99 gets it fixed or YOU DON’T PAY ANYTHING!

                    Remote Computer Repair
               It's Fast, Secure, & Economical


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Online Computer Repair and Online Virus Removal  Specialist

"After 20 + years in the corporte computer world I left my cubicle to work from home. Low overhead means I can work CHEAP and SAVE YOU MONEY!"



Novell Certified Network Engineer

MICROSOFT EDUCATION CERTIFICATE: Internetworking with Microsoft TCP/IP on Windows NT

Microsoft Certified

Previous Employers

IBM Global Services
Wells Fargo Bank
American Express
AZ Dept of Env. Quality
U.S. Dept. of Commerce
AZ Attorney General's Office
Bank One
Cigna Healthcare